Olomouc Accounting & Tax Company Ltd

  • English and German at a communicative level
  • management of tax record keeping (single-entry bookkeeping)
  • accounting management (double-entry bookkeeping)
  • management of virtual bookkeeping (remote bookkeeping)
  • management, complete reconstruction of bookkeeping
  • payroll processing, personnel management
  • stock record processing
  • accounting and tax advisory services
  • processing of tax returns
  • drawing up commercial and employment contracts
  • writing accounting blank forms and summaries
  • taxpayer´s representation before Tax Office, Czech Social Security Administration and health insurance companies
  • tax return submission postponement until 30 June
  • arrangement of the sale of accounting software, training included
Our accounting company is a firm with years of experience (it was founded in 1993). We offer you long-term accounting management as well as one-time tax preparation.

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Brněnská 412/59 783 01 OLOMOUC - SLAVONÍN
Registrováno u KS v Ostravě, odd C 52645
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